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  • MHS Model PCE 65TM Horizontal Meat Slicer and Portion Control Machine

    Compact. Space saving. Powerful. The PCE 65 TM table-based machine - Ideal for the butchery trade, supermarkets and canteen kitchens

    A welcome addition to the table. With the PCE 65 TM, we reacted to customer requests and developed a practical, space-saving table-based machine, which offers the complete power of one of the large chop slicing machines.

    The PCE 65 TM slices easily bone-in products such as meat, chops, necks or boneless products such as pork belly, roulades, roasts, sausages
  • RAM Model SCD 300 Strip Cutter and Dicer

    Today's fast-paced food industry, efficiency and precision are paramount. This why RAM offers the RAM Model SCD 300 Strip Cutter and Dicer for mid sized processors as well as restaurants and butcher shops at an exciting price point . This state-of-the-art equipment is not just a machine; it's a revolutionary tool designed to transform your meat processing operations. Engineered for both strip cutting and dicing, it offers unparalleled performance with its robust features and specifications.


    Introducing the Horizontal Chicken Slicer TP12 by ABM Company:
    Revolutionize your food preparation with our state-of-the-art chicken slicer. Designed with efficiency and hygiene in mind, the TP12 is engineered entirely from stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning. Compact and ergonomically designed, it fits perfectly even in small spaces and simplifies operation without compromising on performance. Capable of processing up to seven products per minute, it's not just limited t
  • RAM Model CMF-250 Conveyored Meat Flattener

    Discover the ultimate solution for your meat processing needs with our state-of-the-art Meat Flattening Machine, designed specifically for medium to large-sized food processors looking to enhance their production efficiency and product consistency. Our machine stands out in the market, offering unparalleled performance in flattening both frozen, chilled, and fresh meat. Whether you're processing beef, poultry, pork, or any other type of meat, this machine delivers precision thickness control, en
  • ABM Slicers Vertical Slicer L 350 C

    The Vertical Slicer L 350 C, distributed by RAM Manufacturing Equipment, is the ultimate solution for butchers, meat markets, and grocery stores looking to enhance their meat slicing capabilities. This high-performance slicer is engineered for efficiency, precision, and versatility, making it an invaluable addition to any professional meat processing environment.

    Key Features:

    High-Capacity Slicing:

    Designed to handle large volumes of meat, the L 350 C ensures consistent and precise sli
  • ABM Slicers Deli Slicer Semi-Auto L 350 GA

    The Slicer Semi-Auto L 350 GA, distributed by RAM Manufacturing Equipment, is the perfect tool for butchers, meat markets, and grocery stores aiming to enhance their meat slicing operations with a blend of automation and control. This semi-automatic slicer is designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability, making it a valuable asset for any professional meat processing establishment.

    Key Features:

    Semi-Automatic Operation:

    Combining the benefits of manual control with the ef
  • ABM Slicers Deli Slicer L350COMVV

    The Slicer L 350 COM VV, available through RAM Manufacturing Equipment, is an exceptional choice for butchers, meat markets, and grocery stores looking for top-tier slicing performance. This versatile and powerful slicer is designed to handle various meat slicing tasks with ease and precision, ensuring high productivity and consistent quality.

    Key Features:

    Variable Speed Control:

    The L 350 COM VV features adjustable speed settings, allowing operators to tailor the slicing speed to diff
  • MHS FS-800 Industrial Slicer Machine

    Unmatched Precision and Efficiency for Industrial Meat Processing

    Introducing the FS-800 Industrial Slicer Machine, a cutting-edge solution engineered to meet the high demands of the meat processing industry. Developed by MHS Schneidetechnik, a leader in innovative slicing technology, the FS-800 combines precision, speed, and reliability to ensure optimal performance in any industrial setting.

    * Up to 400 cuts/minute
    * Integration into the production process by cutting in groups
    * Fannin
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