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  • Mainca PR-360 Automatic Twister Linker

    Make the most of your sausage filler with the help of the Mainca PR-360 Automatic Twister Linker. The Mainca PR-360 Automatic Twister Linker is NSF certified and easily connects to any hydraulic piston filler/stuffer by way of an interchangeable nozzle nut. No electrical connection is required. The Mainca PR-360 Automatic Twister Linker portions and twists the casing at the same time the sausages are filled, saving precious time and labor costs. In other words, a machine that pays for itself in
  • Talsa TALSA 30L Piston Stuffer with Digital Portioning and Horn Twisting

    The new Talsa FPT30e digital automatic filler / dosing / horn twister has been designed for medium size processors who need to fill and precisely portion a wide variety of food products with a single machine. 30-liter barrel capacity allows the production of medium or small batches without waste and quick product changeover.

    AT WORK:
    • Various assistance systems help the user to find the most efficient way to the desired product.
    • Intuitive calibrating system to produce exact weight
1 - 2 of 2 products