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  • Reepack Model ReeTray 30 Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer with MAP, Skin, and Pro-Skin

    Our ReeTray Model 30 Tray Sealer, MAP Tray Sealer And Skin pack Tray Sealer are all semi-automatic tray sealers. The purpose of this type of packaging is the preservation and protection of any kind of food, fresh or cooked, in preformed trays. Our extensive range of semi-automatic heat-sealing tray sealers offer outputs of up to 24 packs per minute depending on the size of the trays and numbers of trays per cycle. The semi-automatic tray-sealers are capable of either sealing only, with modified
  • Reepack Tray Sealing and MAP Packaging Machine - Model 25 VGM

    The Model 25 VGM is manufactured in Italy and is perfect for start-ups and medium volume companies. This tray sealing and MAP packaging machine has a user-friendly control panel and is very easy to operate and clean. This is a great machine if you want a professional looking package for the retail market but can also be used for catering, food service, home meal replacement meals and institutional cooking facilities. Extend the self-life and increase your PROFITS of your food products by pulling
  • Reepack ReeMarket 3 in 1 Tray Sealing and MAP Packing Machine

    3 machine’s in 1 FOR SEALING & M.A.P. IN LESS THAN 3 METERS (9.5 feet) The new ReeMarket is the perfect flexible solution to pack different portions of fresh food in different tray-formats like vegetable, meat & poultry, fresh fish, ready to go meals and fruits. A fully automatic tray sealer that offers 3 independent chambers, able to switch from each format to another one without any mechanical changes using a single width film reel. In less than 1 minute, the Operator can: - by a user friend
  • Reepack Model ReeMatic 150 Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

    The ReeMatic 150 automatic tray sealing machine is for sealing preformed trays. Our automatic tray sealers are available with vacuum and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). This automatic tray sealing machine is designed for high performance, flexibility and makes it the perfect tray sealing machine for most small to medium processing, ready-made meals, retail, catering, pet food and many other industries. Our automatic tray sealers are built with stainless steel frames offering high protection
  • Reepack Model ReeFlex 250_16 Automatic Tray Sealer

    ReeFlex 250_16 automatic tray sealer is the ultimate evolution for mid to high range capacity tray sealers. The two double-chambers, fully automatic tray sealers have been completely renewed in accordance with the increasingly high standards of our valued customers. With the capability of 17 cycles per minute with sealing only, or 10-12 cycles per minute with vacuum and a gas system for MAP ( modified atmosphere packaging) configurations. The ReeFlex tray sealer is optimized for flexibility, eff
  • Reepack Model ReeSeal 32 sx Tray Sealing Machines

    ReeSeal 32 SX is a tray sealing machine with a high performance in sealing quality. Small and compact the ReeSeal 32 SX tray sealer is equipped with a profile cutting knife and is designed for easy stowing, and use on any table top. Optional open-frame trolley with wheels. ReeSeal 32 SX tray sealer is ideal for any one who need a compact sealing machine and an excellent hermetic seal. All you need to do is plug in and start sealing.

    R.A. Maxwell and Associates located in Corona, California,
  • Promarks Model VT-400 Modified Atmosphere (MAP) Tray Sealer

    Promark’s VT-400 and VT-570 modified atmosphere (MAP) tray sealers utilizes a combination of vacuum and gas flushing to provide optimum shelf life for a wide variety of products. These modified atmosphere (MAP) tray sealing machines offer a list of standard features like Busch vacuum pumps, microprocessor control system and printed film registration system all at a price that makes them the value leader among modified atmosphere (MAP) tray sealing machines. With the addition of options like a
  • Apack Model MAP 25 Tray Sealing and MAP Packaging Machine

    MAP25 series is a product designed and developed in accordance with the wishes of the manufacturer. Available in enlarged (Extended), Double Station (Double Station) and Skin Packaging versions. MAP25 is designed for the working conditions in our country and is manufactured by APACK up to the smallest screw. Its stainless-steel body is extremely robust, and the settings of the machine do not deteriorate in displacements. As the welding pool is cast, it is exceptionally durable and long-lasting.
1 - 8 of 8 products
Tray Sealer Packaging Machines

Tray sealing machines work with pre-made trays and offer results that rival thermoforming machines in sophistication. The final packages from the tray sealer machines may be either simply sealed or M.A.P. (modified atmosphere packaged). Tray sealing machines are available in a variety of sizes, throughput capacities and can be a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.

Tray sealer machines can work with single or multi-cavity trays and are used to package a wide range of products from sausage, to Ready-to-Eat meals, Meals on Wheels, pet food and pet treats, fruits, vegetables and salad toppings to medical devices.

Seal only units provide a film cover over the tray’s contents that is sealed around the edge of the tray (called profile cut) and further serves as tamper evidence device for the package.

M.A.P. tray sealers draw a vacuum on the package, purge the package with gas then apply and seal the cover film thus reducing the residual oxygen within the package to very low levels. By using the MAP system with our tray sealing machines, you can extend your shelf life by several weeks or months in some cases.

Many tray sealing machines offer features like sensors for printed film, fillers to deposit the product into the tray or bowl before sealing and devices that allow for easy removal of the finished product and are constructed in stainless steel.

Contact RA Maxwell in Corona California and we will teach you and train your staff on all the packaging that can be accomplished with a tray sealing machine and help you find and purchase the best model for your product.