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  • Xuclá Hygiene and Sanitation Sole Washer# 061167

    Stainless steel construction AISI 304.
    On 4 adjustable feet M20.
    Passing railing.

    Washing with water and soap.
    Rinsing with main water.
    Control by photocell by infrared.
    Luminous pilots for the hands detection.
    Soap dispenser by micro pump with adjustable dispenser.
    Control by electro valve.

    Washing of soles by means of two longitudinal brushes nylon.
    Motorized brushers by means of 2 moto reducers of 0,18 kW.
    Network of water pipes, driven by e

    The Cabinet Washing Containers produces 20-30 units per hour. The Cabinet Washing Containers wash 53 gallons. The Cabinet Washing Containers compact and ergonomic is intended for medium-sized productions. Loading and unloading of the containers is automatic. The Cabinet Washing Containers upturning of the containers at 180 degrees assures of a maximum cleaning surface. The Cabinet Washing Containers Automatic pre-wash-wash-rinse cycle.
  • Xuclá Sterilizing Spray 2 Hands with Barrier Model # 050023

    Double hand spray sterilizer barrier.
    By introducing both hands one timed spray of liquid sterile occurs and the passage through the barrier is allowed. It incorporates a locked cabinet containing the electrical box with space for chemical tank.
  • Xuclá Sole and Hand Wash Model # 051146

    Hygienic entrance with Hands spraying, Barrier and Soles Brushing.
    When the worker enters a time-lag photocell starts up the washing machine connecting the brushes and the water. The soles are washed while the worker walks inside the sole washers. At the exit, when the worker introduces the hands into the disinfection zone, a time-lag spraying of sterilizer liquid allows walking across the bar. It includes a locked cabinet containing the electrical box with place for chemical tank. On output,
  • Xuclá Efficient Basic Model # 051142

    The Efficient basic hygienic entrance sterilizes the workers hands and the soles as they walk through the barrier. The chemical tank and electrical box are in a locked cabinet. The efficient basic is made for quick sterilizing needs to keep the workflow going. Perfect for any entrance to regulate and maintain healthy and clean work area.
  • Xuclá Washing Tunnel Model #123619

    The Washing tunnel is built with two loading lanes, and is capable of washing 1000 crates and lids an hour. The washing tunnel process is done with hot water that is heated with 6 electrical resistors and the chemicals that is set in your plan. Once the crates and lids have moved through the washing tunnel, it is rinsed by 0.8 mm diameter flat jet sprinklers. The water from the rinsing cycle in the washing tunnel is ran through a recovery valve and recycled into the washing tank. The washing
  • Xuclá Tote Washer Tunnel #M32Z

    The washing tunnels series has the possibility to adjust the functionality to the the needs and requirements of the customer. The tunnel washer optimizes the complete use of the pressure flow of the water and the rounded forms makes the water slide down the sides, improving the performance and the sanitation of the process. The evolution and engineering of our tunnel washers makes the equipment very efficient with the environment and allows for energy saving. The model M32Z Tunnel washing ma

    Stop wasting water at your plant! Water is our most valuable commodity. Processing plants are wasting thousands of gallons each week washing bins and buggies. Let us show you how to save on water usage, reduce labor time and increase the quality of your sanitation program with our Xucla M34AEV BIN TROLLEY WASHING CABINET.
    The BIN TROLLEY WASHING CABINET is all stainless steel including the stainless steel nozzles. The BIN TROLLEY WASHING CABINET M34AVE can wash up to 3,000 lbs capacity plastic
  • Jeros Model 8150 Utensil Washer

    Energy, water savings, and able to handle the highest of hygiene standards. The Jeros Model 8150 Utensil Washer is topping the industry standards. The Model 8150 utensil washer is equipped with a specially designed lid which opens fully on automated arms controlled with the press of a button. Easy loading and very efficient wash cycles will increase your productivity without increasing your labor costs. Installed with a fully automatic detergent dispenser for optimal dosage of soap. The powerful
  • Xuclá Boot and Sole Wahser # 122250

    At the entrance, the operator walks in the center of the boot washing machine. The pressure sensor starts the lower horizontal sole washer brushes turning to start scrubbing the dirt out of the treads of the boots. A photocell signals the two vertical brushes to clean the side and tops of the boots. The activation of the brushes also activates the spraying water and detergent / disinfection system. It incorporates a locked cabinet containing the electrical box and chemical tank.
    Productivity: 2
1 - 10 of 37 products
This is an area everyone needs to take a hard look at, from ensuring food safety. Advantage of purchasing these machines are to protect the safety and health of the employees from slip and falls, back - knee injuries, and colds and flu from cold and hot wet environments. The final reason you should consider contacting one of our trained hygiene - sanitation associates is the saving of waste water for washing with hoses and high pressure washers. Protect your employees, our environment, and your bottom line profits by contacting us today.