Xuclá Model 123619 Tote and Bin Tunnel Washer

Xuclá Model 123619 Tote and Bin Tunnel Washer



The Washing tunnel is built with two loading lanes, and is capable of washing 1000 crates and lids an hour. The washing tunnel process is done with hot water that is heated with 6 electrical resistors and the chemicals that is set in your plan. Once the crates and lids have moved through the washing tunnel, it is rinsed by 0.8 mm diameter flat jet sprinklers. The water from the rinsing cycle in the washing tunnel is ran through a recovery valve and recycled into the washing tank. The washing tunnel is equipped with an electric switchboard that houses the electronic digital temperature regulator, temperature sensors, and emergency stop button.

Water consumption:
Washing tank: 650 l
Rinsing (adjustable): 10-15 l/min

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  • Two loading lines, one for crates and one for lids
  • 4 mm thick PVC curtains for separation between zones
  • Adjustable M20 Feet
  • Self-cleaning motorized filter
  • Easy dismantling for inspection and cleaning
  • Glycerin manometer
  • 3/4" Stainless-steel chain for crates
  • UNI plastic chain for lids
  • Friction guides for chain
  • Adjustable speed


Model #123619 Washing Tunnel
Machine Length 240"
Machine Width 69"
Machine Height 83"