About Us

RAM Manufacturing Equipment (formally RA Maxwell and Associates) is a food equipment consulting company that represents several manufacturers in Europe and the USA and offers the equipment through distributors and direct to the end users. Our team of Associates has over 125 years of combined experience and can assist you with all your food equipment needs.

Secondly, RAM Manufacturing Equipment is a full-service consulting company for new start-ups and clients interested in adding a full, integrated line for processing or packaging equipment, or both.

We are happy to help you, whatever your project, big or small.

We provide the industry's best equipment in four main areas of food processing:
  • Food Processing Equipment

    Includes all aspects of food processing, such as grinding, mixing, marinating, tumbling, cooking, slicing, dicing, flaking, cutting, chopping and forming.

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  • Food Packaging Equipment

    Basic tray and cup sealing, vacuum chamber machines, horizontal flow wrapping, thermal forming (Roll Stock), and Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) for shelf life extension.

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  • Material Handling Equipment

    400 and 600 lbs stainless steel buggies, 500lbs to 3,500 lbs stainless steel vats and bins, buggy dumpers and cart lifts, bin and vat dumpers, conveyors like belted – transfer - shuttle and screw type conveyors for many product transportation needs.

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  • Hygiene and Sanitation Equipment

    Includes boot and sole washers, hand washing and sanitation, tote washers, buggy washers, bin washers and utensil – knife washers and sanitizers.

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