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  • Mainali Frozen Block Flaker Model CB-700

    Our Model CB-700 Frozen Block Flaker comes from Spain and is built with European Quality and Design. Simple to operate and clean. The long, wide deck area is prefect for easy loading of the frozen blocks. Automated conveying system is also available to increase productivity and saves on labor cost.

    Electric and pneumatic operations so no leaking hydraulics like other flakers on the market.
  • Reepack Tray Sealing and MAP Packaging Machine - Model 25 VGM

    The Model 25 VGM is manufactured in Italy and is perfect for start-ups and medium volume companies. This tray sealing and MAP packaging machine has a user-friendly control panel and is very easy to operate and clean. This is a great machine if you want a professional looking package for the retail market but can also be used for catering, food service, home meal replacement meals and institutional cooking facilities. Extend the self-life and increase your PROFITS of your food products by pulling

    The Cabinet Washing Containers produces 20-30 units per hour. The Cabinet Washing Containers wash 53 gallons. The Cabinet Washing Containers compact and ergonomic is intended for medium-sized productions. Loading and unloading of the containers is automatic. The Cabinet Washing Containers upturning of the containers at 180 degrees assures of a maximum cleaning surface. The Cabinet Washing Containers Automatic pre-wash-wash-rinse cycle.
  • Xuclá Hygiene and Sanitation Sole Washer# 061167

    Stainless steel construction AISI 304.
    On 4 adjustable feet M20.
    Passing railing.

    Washing with water and soap.
    Rinsing with main water.
    Control by photocell by infrared.
    Luminous pilots for the hands detection.
    Soap dispenser by micro pump with adjustable dispenser.
    Control by electro valve.

    Washing of soles by means of two longitudinal brushes nylon.
    Motorized brushers by means of 2 moto reducers of 0,18 kW.
    Network of water pipes, driven by e
  • Reepack ReeTray 30 Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer with MAP, Skin, and Pro-Skin

    Our ReeTray Model 30 Tray Sealer, MAP Tray Sealer And Skin pack Tray Sealer are all semi-automatic tray sealers. The purpose of this type of packaging is the preservation and protection of any kind of food, fresh or cooked, in preformed trays. Our extensive range of semi-automatic heat-sealing tray sealers offer outputs of up to 24 packs per minute depending on the size of the trays and numbers of trays per cycle. The semi-automatic tray-sealers are capable of either sealing only, with modified
  • Promarks Model 1500 Nozzle Vacuum System with Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)

    Optional features
    • Bag Holding Clips
    • Top and Bottom Seal
    • Voltage
    • Sensor Control
    • Soft Air
  • Promarks Model 650 Double Chamber Vacuum Machine

    Optional features

    • Higher Capacity Vacuum Pump
    • Chamber Height
    • Soft Air
    • Gas Flush System
    • Twin Beam Sealing
    • Top / Bottom Seal System
    • Single Phase Vacuum Pump up to 100m3/h (5HP)
    • Mechanical Knife Cut-Off System
    • Automatic Lid Transfer
    • Operating Voltage
  • Promarks Model 800 Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Promarks manufactures a complete line of single-chamber, floor-model, vacuum chamber machines that range in size from dual 16 1/2” seal bars up to 26”. Our 220-volt series of single chamber machines features a 100 percent stainless steel frame and lid. Both models come equipped with dual seal bars located in the lid with a flat deck design. Removable cushion bars and filler boards allow for quick and easy cleaning of the deck surface. Our “industrial” series chamber machines are built to
  • Talsa Extruder Model H26PASM

    Manual Portioner:
    • The portioning device is an accessory that fits on the end of the meat barrel of the Talsa fillers/stuffers.
    • Lever with forward/back position, obtains consistent volume dosage for varied thickness of mixtures required (Frankfurt, pâté, foie-gras, salami, etc) where great precision in weight and length are needed.
    • Mixture adjustment in doses of approximately 20 to 500 grams (3/4 oz – 17 oz) through the nut located on the shaft.
    • A curved nozzle with a no
  • Talsa Model G-52E Floor Stand Alone Grinder

    The Talsa grinder is the type of grinder that will last any grocery store, meat market and small to medium size processor can use for many years. It is easy to operate, easy to clean and provides the safety features to protect your employees from accidents.
1 - 10 of 392 products