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  • Gaser Model SK 8000 Skewer Machine (Used)

    A total of 2 used machines are available for sale. Both units were purchased in 2020 and have approximately 500 running hours each.

    Skewer Machine Description:

    The Gaser Model SK 5000 and SK 8000 fully automatic skewer machines produces skewers with a maximum production of 1500 pieces / hour. It can make different sizes by changing the length of the stick. The automatic skewer machine can be loaded by two operators, one on each side of the automatic skewer machine for the Gaser Model 5000
  • Marel Used Dual Lane Smart-Line Grader with 8 Gates Per Lane/ Custom Built Infeed

    SmartLine Grader for Portioned Breast Fillets

    General Description: The main components for the Smart Line Weight Grader are:

    • Custom Built Dual Lane Slotted Infeed with Dual Lane In-Line

    • Accelerator Conveyor

    • Dual Lane Dynamic Weighing Unit 1450

    • Dual Lane Eight (8) Gate Discharge Unit

    • Gate type HND 400, 16 total gates

    Dual Lane Slotted Infeed Conveyor with in-line Accelerator

    The loading area of the dual lane slotted infeed conveyor allows room for plant
1 - 2 of 2 products
We strive ourselves on finding the best equipment for YOU! New and USED! RA Maxwell’s line of used equipment is fully checked, and if need be repaired to good working order. Our used equipment does come with a 90-day warranty on any parts that were replaced during our check-up.