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  • Thompson Machinery Frozen Block Flaker

    The Thompson Machinery Frozen Block Flaker is a heavy duty industrial machine specifically designed to process large volumes of frozen product ideally around 10 Fahrenheit in temperature. The Thompson Machinery Frozen Block Flaker is constructed from high quality Stainless Steel with a strong framework supporting a heavy gauge feed chute and table. The Thompson Machinery Frozen Block Flaker has been designed and developed to the high standards of safety and finish demanded by CE/USDA and GS regu
  • Thompson Machinery Pre-Breaker

    The Thompson Machinery Frozen Block Pre-Breaker is designed to break up hard and frozen food blocks
    of meat and dairy products without destroying the texture of the product. Eliminating particles
    of inconsistent size as well as product emulsification.
    The Thompson Machinery Frozen Block Pre-Breaker can process any tempered product 24 to 28 Degrees Fahrenheit saving the operator’s valuable time and energy. The blocks can be processed within 4 seconds producing an extraordinary production am
1 - 2 of 2 products
Frozen block meat flakers are machines that reduce frozen blocks of meat, cheese and other food products into smaller pieces (Flakes) for further processing.

Frozen block flakers come in three types: (1) Horizonal Flakers (the block lays horizontal) (2) Vertical Flaker (the block is vertical saving lots of floor space) and (3) Roto-Claw and frozen block chunker (vertical and much larger pieces produced)

In the case of meat processing, frozen block meat flakers are very often used in conjunction with grinding, mixer - grinder machines and cooking operations to allow the “flakes” or smaller pieces of meat to be processed easier and faster than trying to break down a large frozen block for final processing.

Frozen meat block flakers are used extensively in very large processing facilities because they allow a processor to purchase meat in a frozen state when meat prices are low and being able to store it until it is needed rather than working with fresh meat where price fluctuates on a daily basis.

If you feel your processing application, whether it be meat, cheese or another frozen product could benefit from a frozen meat block flaker, please contact RA Maxwell in Corona California today and one of our representatives can discuss your specific applications with you.