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  • Reepack Reepack Model Reeform E10 Thermoforming Machine

    The Reepack Reeform E10 Thermoforming machine is made of all stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and sanitation is a working environment.

    Thermoforming is a very popular method of packaging meat, poultry, bakery, snacks like jerky, soups and prepared foods. There are two types film used on thermoforming machines. The lower film is called the webbing film and the upper film is the lidding film. There are two types of film, flexible and ridged.

    Thermoforming machines come in diffe
  • Promarks Model PRS320 Thermoforming Machine

    This compact model thermoforming machine is made for our clients with a little room for packaging.
    Thermoforming machines are traditionally used to package high volume products instead of using vacuum pouches. There are many products packaged with thermoforming such as deli, hot dogs, bulk meat, beef sticks, sausage, pasta, cheese, fish to name a few.
    Thermoforming machines can just seal, pull vacuum and inject gas for MAP (modified atmospheric packaging).
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1 - 2 of 2 products