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  • Ensight Dual Shaft Standard Blender

    The dual shaft standard blenders are meticulously designed with heavy-duty agitation systems to deliver a more uniform and consistent product mix. Complete with air operated discharge doors and a weld in top safety grate, this hard working dual-drive blender provides your production line with the capability of blending meat, spices or frozen vegetables. Minimum capacity of 150 lbs to a max of 14,000 lbs the Workhorse dual shaft standard blender fits your blending needs.
  • Ensight Dual Shaft CO2 Blender

    The CO2 Series of our highly regarded blenders provides rapid cooling with a direct bottom CO2 injection. Th CO2 system includes valves at each injection point. Plus, this dual shaft blender includes the stainless steel flex hosing, a domed lid, a vent for the safe release of CO2 outside of the plant, a temperature probe and comprehensive controls for an optimal CO2 operation.

    Gain more versatility! Add the optional vacuum operation for an all-in-one blender!
  • Talsa Model K200 Electronic Industrial Bowl Cutter

    Bowl cutters – choppers range in size from table top units to extremely large industrial bowl cutters – choppers and are one of the most versatile food processing machines. They are also called Buffalo Cutters or Buffalo Choppers.

    They can be used to prepare meat products to become chopped or emulsified for use in a variety of sausage products, vegetables for different types of salsa, different nuts and dried fruits for humus, butters, fruit paste as well as cheeses for cream cheese. With
  • Xuclá Model M32Z Tote and Bin Tunnel Washer

    The washing tunnels series has the possibility to adjust the functionality to the the needs and requirements of the customer. The tunnel washer optimizes the complete use of the pressure flow of the water and the rounded forms makes the water slide down the sides, improving the performance and the sanitation of the process. The evolution and engineering of our tunnel washers makes the equipment very efficient with the environment and allows for energy saving. The model M32Z Tunnel washing ma
  • Promarks TMC 1000 Non-Continuous Marinating Vacuum Tumbler

    Promarks TMC1000 is a classic non-continuous marinating vacuum tumbler. The operation is simple & straightforward. You simply load your product, attached the vacuum hose to the port on the outside of the drum and pull the desired vacuum then close the valve, disconnect the vacuum hose and tumble. These non-continuous marinating vacuum tumblers are fabricated with all food grade # 304 stainless-steel and feature a safety sensor that will not allow the drum to move with the vacuum hose still attac
  • Promarks Model 520 LR (Left Right) Side Seal Vacuum Chamber

    The Model 520 LR (Left Right) seal vacuum chamber machine was designed with the user in mind. This vacuum chamber packaging machine is an ideal solution for small processors, retailers, and restaurants. The TC Model 520 LR vacuum chamber is affordable enough to be purchased as a backup machine while maintaining the superior quality that one can rely on during years of heavy use. Vacuum packaging can be used in preserving a wide verity of products like meat, vegetables, and fruits.

    The Model
  • Thompson Machinery Model 3000 Meat Mixer-Grinder

    The Thompson 3000 Mixer-Grinder is constructed from heavy gauge Stainless Steel including Stainless Steel feed-screw and paddle. The Thompson 3000 Mixer-Grinder is fully seam welded inside and outside and finished with smooth hygienic surfaces in an appealing satin finish to achieve a clean bowl on product discharge. The removable Stainless Steel Mixing Paddles ensure easy and thorough cleaning providing maximum hygiene.

    The uniquely designed feed-screw channel, with the right angle mixing pa
  • Thompson Machinery Model 4300 2 Speed Meat Mixer-Grinder

    The Thompson Model 4300 Mixer Grinder is fully weld sealed both inside and out. From the high volume butcher to the large wholesaler through to the largest industrial plants. The Thompson 4300 mixer grinder comes in low loading form for easy loading capability but you can request a raised machine ( see technical specification). Offering HOPPER CAPACITIES FROM 400 lbs TO 800 lbs(Fresh meat) the model 4300 is suited for all your needs.

    The model 4300 mixer grinder uses a 2 speed system so when
  • Reepack Model ReeSeal 32 sx Tray Sealing Machines

    ReeSeal 32 SX is a tray sealing machine with a high performance in sealing quality. Small and compact the ReeSeal 32 SX tray sealer is equipped with a profile cutting knife and is designed for easy stowing, and use on any table top. Optional open-frame trolley with wheels. ReeSeal 32 SX tray sealer is ideal for any one who need a compact sealing machine and an excellent hermetic seal. All you need to do is plug in and start sealing.
  • Xuclá Model NM34AEV Bin Trolley Washing Cabinet

    Stop wasting water at your plant! Water is our most valuable commodity. Processing plants are wasting thousands of gallons each week washing bins and buggies. Let us show you how to save on water usage, reduce labor time and increase the quality of your sanitation program with our Xucla M34AEV BIN TROLLEY WASHING CABINET.
    The BIN TROLLEY WASHING CABINET is all stainless steel including the stainless steel nozzles. The BIN TROLLEY WASHING CABINET M34AVE can wash up to 3,000 lbs capacity plastic
31 - 40 of 421 products