Jeros Model 8105 Utensil Washer

Jeros Model 8105 Utensil Washer



The robust stainless steel construction, established design, combined with more than 50 years of expertise, guarantees very high reliability.
The 85°C hot end rinse ensures that maximum hygiene is achieved.
Lid construction ensures an ergonomically correct loading of the machine.

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  • Adjustable wash time with 3 pre-set wash cycles programs of 2/4/6 minutes
  • Automatic start
  • Self-cleaning program
  • Operator control by by finger touch control panel
  • Meets HACCP and CE-Requirements.


Model Model 8105 Jeros
Drain dimension 1 9/16"
Voltage 440
Connecting power 6 HP/ 10 HP
Water connection 1/2"
Wash time 1/2/4 Minutes
Wash area 16"*20"*20"
Wash tank volume 10 Gallons
Rinse time Approximately 20 seconds
Rinse tank volume 3 Gallons
Rinse water temperature 185°f
Water consumption per wash/rinse approx. liter 3/4 of a Gallon too 1 1/4 Gallons