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  • Talsa Talsa K135s Supreme Digital Industrial Bowl Chopper

    Advantages at a glance
    • German BE-Maschinenmesser knives, special high-resistance KUT steel.
    Minimum space between all knives and the bowl thanks to its large central diameter.
    • Slow mixing speed, variable 50 to 500 rpm, forward/reverse.
    • New vibration reduction technology at high revs, collaboration with the UPV Polytechnic University.
    • 4 onscreen buttons for direct selection of knife and bowl speeds, freely configurable.
    • Transparent noise protection cover with CE safety
  • RAM Model MT-600 Continuous Marinating Vacuum Tumbler

    The RAM Model MT-600 Continuous Marinating Vacuum Tumbler utilizes a vacuum system that allows vacuum to be drawn, vented, and re-drawn all while the drum is in motion. This system and our microprocessor control panel allows the RAM Model MT-600 Continuous Marinating Vacuum Tumbler to provide greater pick up due to the “sponge effect” created by this machine. This machines “sponge effect" gives your product more of the value-added flavor and juiciness your looking to find in a marinating v
  • Samyang Korea Frozen Meat High-Speed Super Cutting Machine SHF-440

    The cut ting section is accurately and cleanly cut by high-speed operation.
    Workers’ safety is considered as top priority automatically by input, cutting, and discharge.
    Anyone can easily operate regardless of skills of worker.
    Automatic cutting thickness setting fits uniform production and allows for mass production.
    Cleaning and decomposition have become simple and easy.
    The operation method is a touch screen method that is simple to operate and handle.
    Pork belly, thin pork belly, bul
  • Mekitec MEKITEC ME.S2 Metal Detector for Food Processing Lines

    MEKITM is an automated product quality control system using the latest
    X-ray image processing technology. The system images the inside of food
    products detecting foreign objects (e.g. metal, stones, glass, bones and dense
    plastics), simultaneously ensuring the overall quality and traceability of food
    As like with other Mekitec X-ray systems, high moisture, salt content, or
    different type of packaging materials (e.g. metal or aluminum) are not a
    problem for the inspection.
  • Promarks PRS-420 – Rollstock Thermoformer Machine

    The PRS-420 Economy Thermoforming Machine is a versatile and easy-to-use machine that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It can be used to create a variety of vacuum-sealed packages, including food, medical devices, and electronics.

    The machine has a number of features that make it ideal for use in a variety of industries. These features include:

    A touch control panel that is easy to use and navigate
    A cross cut guillotine that allows for precise cuts
    A rotating knife set that can b
911 - 915 of 915 products