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  • RA Maxwell and Associates Sneeze Guards Control

    Safety and Health are at the Heart of The Future of Work.

    Sneeze Guards Control With Physical Barrier

    Industrial sneeze guards with physical barrier are less reliant on behavior to provide protection from COVID-19 transmission. These sneeze guard control with physical barriers reduce any unnecessary contact and enforce spacing requirements. You can reduce the contact points between your employees and customers with a sneeze guard control with physical barrier.
  • RA Maxwell and Associates RAM-400 Body Temp Inspection System

    RAM-400 Body Temperature Inspection System

    The bi-spectral system camera contains both a thermal and visible camera in the same rugged, light-weight housing. Operating with a response time of 30ms, it can switch from a visual to thermal image in real time, identifying crowds or individuals as desired. The camera may be used in stand-alone operation with a PC or as a networkable system via Ethernet cable. The unique automatic thermal facial recognition feature creates a boxlike border arou
  • Xuclá Hand Sanitizer with Thermo-temperature System

    Hand Sanitizer with Thermo-temperature System for 2 hands with turnstile barrier by placing both hands into the cabinet, an infrared light sends a signal to the spray pump to produces a timed spray of sterilizing liquid on both hands before allowing passage through the turnstile barrier after reaching Rinse regulations. It incorporates legs to screw to the floor and a lateral support for the deposit of chemical sanitizer.
1 - 3 of 3 products