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  • RAM S14 Industrial Meat Band Saw

    Our RAM S14 Industrial Meat Band Saws are used in butcher shops, meat markets, grocery stores and meat processors around the world. The RAM S14 Industrial Meat Band Saw can be used for fresh, frozen, bone-in and boneless meats. With a maximum cutting height of 12.9" and maximum cutting depth of 13.6", combined with a high speed blade (running at 4,068 feet per minute) the RAM S14 Industrial Meat Band Saws are perfect machines for industrial level meat cutting operations.

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Band saws are used primarily for cutting meat and fish with bones. Meat bandsaws can also be used for cutting frozen product including boneless products. There are various sizes of bandsaws from table top machines for very small products like fish and chicken to very large band saws that stand 10 feet in height and are used to quarter beef and pork halves. Bandsaws are very dangerous machines and ALL operators must be trained on the safety features of the band saws and then must be followed up so they are always in the operators mind. Because of the un-safe nature of the traditional meat band saw, our manufacturing partner, Mainali in Spain, has introduced the automated band saw.
At RA Maxwell and Associates, located in the Los Angeles area in the City of Corona, CA., we are specialist in the use of band saws as well as the manufacturing of meat bandsaws.
RA Maxwell will be offering both standard and automated band saws. The sizes will range from the standard Mainali brand 16” all stainless steel bandsaws, including the upper and lower blade wheels, our Mainali brand 20” all stainless steel band saws and our different automated band saws.
Because band saw are such a dangerous piece of equipment at any grocery store, meat market, or processing facility, safety is the number one concern.
Our traditional meat band saws are designed with safety switches in the upper and lower wheel covers and emergency stop buttons at eye level and at waist level. As an option, we can also add an additional emergency stop button at the base of the saw.
Our automated meat bandsaws have a safety cage around the entire band saw and safety switches in each door (3), in the light curtain where the product is loaded onto the cutting table, and in the upper and lower wheel cover doors. This is the safest band saw in the world.