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  • RA Maxwell and Associates Consulting Services

    RA Maxwell Food Equipment Consulting Services includes a consultation with the CEO and Founder of the company, Mr. Bob Maxwell who has been in the food equipment industry from equipment manufacturing, equipment distribution and service to retail store packaging since 2004.

    · RA Maxwell’s food equipment consulting service would like to discuss your operation either in person at your facility, which is the preferred method, or initially by phone if you prefer.

    · Your RA Maxwell food equi
  • RA Maxwell Custom Made Meat Band Saw Sizes

    RA Maxwell and Associates custom makes each meat band saw blade for every Butcher Boy SA 16. We manufacture a wide variety of meat band saw blades for every beef cutting need. If your cutting fresh, tempered, frozen, bone in, bone out, meat, fish, pork, or poultry. We will custom make heavy duty band saw blades for your meat band saw.
1 - 2 of 2 products
Let the professionals at RA Maxwell and Associates sit down with you and discuss
(A) How we can assist you with increasing your production without increasing labor cost.
(B) working in a safer, more ergonomic environment.
(C) New products and processes.
(D) Discuss financing and tax incentives available to processing and packaging companies.
(E) Installation, setup, training and monthly service/parts programs on all machines we sell.