Jeros Model ACE Combi Weigh Scale Bucket

Jeros Model ACE Combi Weigh Scale Bucket



Jeros ACE Combi Weigh Scale Bucket


The Jeros ACE Combi Weigh Scale Bucket is an OPTIONAL add on for the Jeros 9130, 8150 and 8160 Utensil Washers. Its is available in a 1/2 Trolley System and a 1/1 Trolley System for all Jeros 9130, 8150 and 8160 Utensil Washers.

Please select the Jeros ACE Systems Overview PDF. download on the left of your screen for specific capacities.

The JEROS ACE Combi Weigh Scale Bucket is an excellent cleaning system that is the most flexible and efficient cleaning system for weigh scale parts on the market today. With the Jeros ACE Combi Weigh Scale Bucket, you will achieve a substantial reduction of time and labor when cleaning combination weigh scale parts. It speeds up the production output by reducing the product change-over time, cuts labor costs, makes cleaning easier and has perfect cleaning result. The Jeros ACE Combi Weigh Scale Bucket is a great solution for the increased hygiene regulations in food industry. Due to the rinse temperature of 185 F or more, the combination weigh scale buckets and component parts are sanitized WITHOUT the need of chemical sanitizers that go out in the sewer water system. Our environment is very important to the team at RA Maxwell and Associates, and we applaud Jeros for their hot water rinse technology. This has been tested in the laboratory as well as customers across America. This hot water sanitation system is very important to our customers as well. These results cannot be duplicated by manual cleaning methods. Even with high temperature gloves, the operators cannot withstand 185+ F temperatures for any period of time.

If your company is using combination weigh fillers, vertical form and fill machines or any machine using combination weigh scale buckets, you need the Combi Weigh Scale Bucket.

An $18 per hour full time employee will cost $45,000 per year plus benefits. How many people do you currently use to clean your combination weigh scale bucket and components each cleaning cycle?

We see the average return on investment in 6-8 month on labor saving alone. There is a large savings on water consumption and sewer output, which again goes back to protecting the environment by reducing water usage.

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  • Up to 50% reduction in clean up time
  • Uses less than 2 gallons of water per cycle (even less on smaller models)
  • Guaranteed sanitization with our “Rinse Sensing” temperature verification
  • 184 ͦF hot water or chemical sanitization
  • Bult in wash water and rinse water heaters
  • Three side open design for easy loading and unloading
  • Automatic soap sensing and dosage
  • Four sided wash frame cleaning (models 9117 and larger)

Optional Features

  • ACE Full Roller Cart
  • ACE Washer Sub Frame
  • 2 ACE Scale Bucket Racks
  • For ACE 1/2 Cart there is an added price


Model Model 8150 Model 8160 Model 9130
Ace Dementions are specific to each Model of Jeros Washer H: 34in x W: 53in x D: 32in H: 34in x W: 53in x D: 39in H: 34in x W: 52in x D: 31in


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