Reepack Tray Sealing and MAP Packaging Machine - Model 25 VGM

Reepack Tray Sealing and MAP Packaging Machine - Model 25 VGM



The Model 25 VGM is manufactured in Italy and is perfect for start-ups and medium volume companies. This tray sealing and MAP packaging machine has a user-friendly control panel and is very easy to operate and clean. This is a great machine if you want a professional looking package for the retail market but can also be used for catering, food service, home meal replacement meals and institutional cooking facilities. Extend the self-life and increase your PROFITS of your food products by pulling a vacuum and backfilling with gas. Increase profits quickly with our Model 25 VGM tray sealing and MAP packaging machines.
This machine can seal all forms of tray material and films.


  • Photo cell for printed film
  • Liquid and powder filter
  • Tray lift device
  • Silent air compressor
  • Deeper tray are up to 5.9"


Model 25 VGM
Maximum tray dimensions 16.5" x 12" x 3.75" Deep
Maximum roll diameter 11.8"
Maximum film width 18.5"
Diameter of film core 3"
Vacuum Pump 40m3/h
Compressed air 65psi 7lt per minute
Cycles per minute 6-8 with gas: 10-12 seal only
Voltage 230 V / 60Hz / 3Ph


  • ReeTray 25 VGM Semiautomatic Tray Sealing Machine

  • ReeTray 25 VGM