Xuclá Model 122250 Boot and Sole Washer

Xuclá Model 122250 Boot and Sole Washer



At the entrance, the operator walks in the center of the boot washing machine. The pressure sensor starts the lower horizontal sole washer brushes turning to start scrubbing the dirt out of the treads of the boots. A photocell signals the two vertical brushes to clean the side and tops of the boots. The activation of the brushes also activates the spraying water and detergent / disinfection system. It incorporates a locked cabinet containing the electrical box and chemical tank.
Productivity: 20 people per minute on average


  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Ceramic blasted ball finished
  • Superior cover, brush and motor reducer balanced to makes it easier to clean.
  • Water jet system is controlled by two solenoid valves.
  • Three vertical nylon brushes 270 x350mm for lateral cleaning.
  • Motor reducer 1/2hp to activate the brushes.
  • Semiautomatic soap dosage adjustable based on your HACCP Plan.
  • Central drain of 1 ½” Machine leveled on adjustable feet M16 (no vibration).
  • Soles washer has two longitudinal nylon brushes.
  • Motorized brushes by means of 2 motor gears 1/2hp.
  • Water pipes network, driven by solenoid valve of ½". Disinfectant doser by Venturi.
  • Non-slipping stainless steel at the entrance and at the exit.
  • Time-lag detector for the beginning in both sensors.
  • Covers, grates and easily detachable brushes for its cleaning can be done without needing tools to remove.


Model Model 122250
Electrical Supply 24V Handling: 230V/60Hz/3Ph
Connections Water Infeed .5" ² / Drain 1.5"
Machine Dimensions L x W x H 8' x 39" x 54"


  • Xucla Boot and Sole Washer Walk Thru

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