Mainali Vacuum Tumbler BM-1500

Mainali Vacuum Tumbler BM-1500



Vacuum tumblers permit total absorption and homogeneous distribution of the brine and a greater extraction of muscular protein thanks to the interior blade design. Working with vacuum produces the lung effect, removing air bubbles and giving uniformity to the product color and increase protein extraction.

It is possible to perform soft and intermediate maceration depending on each product properties and required result. A perfectly united product with minimal cooking residues and increasing cutting performance is obtained.

Fully programmable automatic function (time cycle, cycle of rest, total time, vacuum time and rotation speed).

This tumblers are equipped with vacuum and can be built with double cooling jacket and defrosting system.


• Models from 200 liters to 6000 liters.
• Optional with cooling system and defrosting system.
• Can be built with double cooling jacket and defrosting system.
• Variable rotating speed.
• Vacuum system with multiple filter and easy access.
• Programmable totally automatic function (work cycle time, rest cycle, total time, vacuum time and rotating speed).
• Built in stainless steel AISI-304 and alimentary plastics.



Model BM-1500
Capacity 750-800 L
Vacuum Pump 60 m3/h
Motor 3.75 KW
Dimensions 2250x1310xh=1760