Thompson Machinery Model 4300 2 Speed Meat Mixer-Grinder

Thompson Machinery Model 4300 2 Speed Meat Mixer-Grinder



The Thompson Model 4300 Mixer Grinder is fully weld sealed both inside and out. From the high volume butcher to the large wholesaler through to the largest industrial plants. The Thompson 4300 mixer grinder comes in low loading form for easy loading capability but you can request a raised machine ( see technical specification). Offering HOPPER CAPACITIES FROM 400 lbs TO 800 lbs(Fresh meat) the model 4300 is suited for all your needs.

The model 4300 mixer grinder uses a 2 speed system so when you have a difficult product or first grind and need more torque you would run on low speed. With second grinds or more flow-able product we can run on high speed.

The standard height machines incorporate a HEAVY GAUGE DOMED LID with an ope grilled section for ingredients adding or viewing of the mix cycle. An ingredients or liquids pouring channel is also offered as an option.

HEAVY DUTY STAINLESS-STEEL MIXING PADDLES, MINCING BARREL, FEED-SCREW AND LOCKRING are standard construction on these renowned machines. The 4000 series has been designed and developed to the high standards of safety and finish demanded by CE / USDA and GS regulations. All models specifically incorporate the **"SMART DESIGN" MIXING BOWL AND PADDLE are finished with SMOOTH HYGIENIC SURFACES to panels and welds to achieve a clean bowl on product discharge and easy the cleaning down process at the end of production.


  • production rates - 56 head; 4000 kg / hour 12mm plate (66 kg / minute) 3000 kg / hour 5mm plate (50 kg / minute) 2000 kg / hour 3mm plate (33 kg / minute) or with the
  • The safety interlocked lid is a standard feature on all machines incorporated with a maximum stop time on the machine cycle, limiting any possibility of human interference with rotating parts.
  • (THE FEEDSCREW EJECTOR IS A STANDARD FEATURE OF THE CE DESIGNED MACHINES.) Standard height machines are designed for ergonomic low load heights. On the raised machines (built for 200 liter bin feed and discharge)
  • OPERATOR CONTROL of the 4000 Series machines is very straightforward and USER FRIENDLY. From the simple 3 push button machine as a standard

Optional Features

  • OPTIONAL - 66 head; 4500 kg / hour 12mm plate (75 kg / minute) 3600 kg / hour 5mm plate (60kg / minute) 2800 kg / hour 3mm plate (46 kg / minute) (Dependent upon the product and temperature of the product)
  • A FEED SCREW EJECTOR can be built into the machine to reduce the risk in removing knives, plates and feed screws.
  • THE OPTIONAL INSPECTION STEP AND PLATFORM are SAFETY INTERLOCKED and offered with the lid or no lid option including the INSPECTION MIRROR option.
  • Optional degrees of control: •Variable Speed Dial Control • Programmable Pre-select Speed control • Full Programmable Logic Control
  • Gemini System allows 2 machines to be joined for continuous 1st and 2nd cut operation


Model Model 4300
Voltage 230V / 60Hz / 3Ph
Head Size 56
Hopper Capacity 800 lbs
Mix Capacity 650 lbs
Grinder Motor 20 Hp / 4kW
Mix Motor 5.4 Hp / 4kW
Transmission Helical
Loading Height 59.5" / 1510 mm
Floor Space 87.2" x 32.2" / 2215 x 818 mm
Shipping Weight 2,200 lbs
Primary Cut "56" 1/2" / 12.7 mm Plate per Hour 8,818 lbs / 4,000 Kg
Primary Cut "56" 1/2" / 12.7 mm Plate per Minute 147 lbs / 67 Kg
Secondary Cut "56" 1/8" / 3.175 mm Plate per Hour 4,409 lbs / 2,000 Kg
Secondary Cut "56" 1/8" / 3.175 mm Plate per Minute 73 lbs / 33 Kg
Bowl Diameter x Length 23.45" x 35.25"
Power Supply AMPS 125 AMPS @ 230V / 3Ph
Full Load AMPS 64.0 AMPS @ 230V / 3Ph


  • Thompson Model 4300 Mixer Grinder