Talsa Model G-52E Floor Stand Alone Meat Grinder

Talsa Model G-52E Floor Stand Alone Meat Grinder



The Talsa grinder is the type of grinder that will last any grocery store, meat market and small to medium size processor can use for many years. It is easy to operate, easy to clean and provides the safety features to protect your employees from accidents.


  • • All stainless steel body, feed tray, grinder head, feed screw, and plate ring cover
  • • Production capacity: up to 2,800 pounds per hour with 1” grinder plate size (45lbs per min)
  • • Removable throat.
  • • Lubricated, metallic gearbox
  • • Sealed base
  • • Thermally protected motor
  • • Safety switch
  • • Large feed pan/tray with CE hand guard
  • • Feed stomper
  • • Auger extractor wrench
  • • Single cutting enterprise system (1 plate and 1 single cutting knife)


Model Model G-52E
Cutting Plate and Knife #52
Tray Hopper In pounds 125 lbs.
Motor and gearbox 7.5 HP
Voltage 230 V / 60Hz / 3Ph
Machine Dimensions L x W x H 42" x 26" x 50"
Weight in Pounds 550 lbs.


  • Talsa Grinder