Reepack ReeSeal 32 sx

Reepack ReeSeal 32 sx



ReeSeal 32 SX is a tray sealing machine with a high performance in sealing quality. Small and compact the ReeSeal 32 SX tray sealer is equipped with a profile cutting knife and is designed for easy stowing, and use on any table top. Optional open-frame trolley with wheels. ReeSeal 32 SX tray sealer is ideal for any one who need a compact sealing machine and an excellent hermetic seal. All you need to do is plug in and start sealing.


  • Film Lid Perforator
  • Optional Open-Frame Trolley with Wheels


Model ReeSeal 32 SX
Machine Dimensions L x W x H 22" x 19" x 18"
Max Tray Dimensions 14.17" x 10.62"
Max Diameter of Film Roll 7.8"
Electrical Supply 1 / N / PE 230V AC - 50/ 60Hz
Weight 88 lbs
Max Tray Depth 3.9"
Max Width of Film Sealing 15.35"
Power Consumption Max 2 kW


  • ReeSeal 32 SX Tray Sealer