Promarks Model VT-400 Modified Atmosphere (MAP) Tray Sealer

Promarks Model VT-400 Modified Atmosphere (MAP) Tray Sealer



Promark’s VT-400 and VT-570 modified atmosphere (MAP) tray sealers utilizes a combination of vacuum and gas flushing to provide optimum shelf life for a wide variety of products. These modified atmosphere (MAP) tray sealing machines offer a list of standard features like Busch vacuum pumps, microprocessor control system and printed film registration system all at a price that makes them the value leader among modified atmosphere (MAP) tray sealing machines. With the addition of options like a fully validatable control system the VT-400 & VT-570 machines can be used for medical, pharmaceutical and military applications.


  • All stainless-steel (#304) construction - Ease of cleaning / durable
  • Busch vacuum pump - Reliability/ 2-year warranty
  • PNC-01 microprocessor control - Versatile/14 recipe memory
  • Automatic film advance/cut - Ease of operation
  • Printed film registration system - Versatility
  • Built in gas surge tank - Smooth and even gas flushing
  • Auto tray lift system - Ease of tray removal
  • Leveling legs - Operational stability
  • Full one-year service package - Saves money

Optional Features

  • Custom voltages - Versatility
  • PLC/HMI control systems - Fully validatable operation
  • Larger Busch vacuum pumps - Faster cycle times
  • Different die sets - Versatility
  • Quick change die system - Faster die changeout


Model VT-400 VT-570
Vacuum Pump Capacity 40m³/h (2Hp/2kW) 63m³/h (3hp/2.2kw)
Voltage 220V / 3PH / 60Hz / 15AMPS 220V / 3PH / 60Hz / 20AMPS
Machine Weight 913 lbs 1,155 lbs
Tray Size 11.4 " x 14.2" (Max 2 Trays) 10.2" x 18.9" ( Max 4 Trays)
Tray Height 3.5" 3.5"
Max Film Diameter OD 15.7" / ID 3" OD 15.7" / ID 3"
Max Film Web 15.7" 18.1"
Machine Size L x W x H 50" x 46" x 63" 51" x 53" x 64"


  • Promark’s VT-400 & VT-570 Modified Atmosphere (MAP) Tray Sealer