MTC Model HLC-2 Column Lift Dumper

MTC Model HLC-2 Column Lift Dumper



Our Column Lift Dumpers are known for their quality construction. Some people call these column lift dumpers, buggy lifts, and buggy dumpers. Utilizing years of experience, our systems engineers have the knowledge and understanding to design lift dumpers and dumping systems that combine efficiency and dependability for your specific application. There's no better way to dump product than with the HLC-2, the original Column Lift Dumper. For more than 25 years, the meat processing industry has used the HLC-2 in many applications to dump 400 lb. and 600 lb. capacity stainless steel buggies (kitchen carts). This is a high-quality and economical alternative to the methods you're now using.


  • DUMPER General Specifications: Left hand or Right Hand
  • Capacity: 800 pounds Load-in height:
  • Floor Level Discharge Height: 84" above the floor
  • Discharge Angle: 45 degrees above horizontal
  • Welding: Continuous
  • Cabinet: Type 304 stainless steel, 10 gauge, #3 finish, hinged door
  • Carriage: Type 304 stainless steel with glass bead finish, for 400 lbs and 600 lbs stainless steel buggies (kitchen carts
  • Safety anti drop lock 1-1/2 HP reversible gear motor complete with brake
  • #80 lift chain 2 ½" diameter main shaft
  • Semi-automatic operation with UP-DOWN- STOP push-buttons installed in case Stainless steel electrical enclosure Case
  • Ceiling Height: 20' Anchors by customer


Model Model HLC-2
Primary Voltage 230/460V-60Hz-3ph
Control Voltage 120V-60Hz-1ph
Height 10'