Gernal Model 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet

Gernal Model 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet



If you want to quickly, flexibly and qualitatively prepare the most delicious smoked dishes then the Gernal Model 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet is the machine for you. Operating the Gernal Model 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet
is easy and unambiguous thanks to a large and multifunctional LCD display. With the Gernal Model 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet the operator can choose between several preparations at a glance. The operator then determines the production steps and has them appear on the display for guaranteed consistent quality. You can also fine-tune all production and cycle parameters yourself, depending on your product, for the perfect cooking time. The Gernal Model 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet has a large capacity and spacious interior allowing for multiple trolleys of product to be rolled inside.

The Gernal company has been developing custom cabinets for more than 40 years, so let yourself benefit from their knowledge. We can make modifications to size, heating elements and other features. Our Gernal machines including the Gernal 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet can be equipped with a large range of options. Customers can also request entirely new designs. Our engineering department can develop a new machine for your complex and specific problem.

R.A. Maxwell and Associates located in Corona, California, offers training, installation, service and parts for all the machines we sell. Including the Gernal Model 7500 Smoking Oven Cabinet and many others. Call or visit us today for more information!

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  • ✔ High-performance and robust for reliable production quality
  • ✔ Multifunctional, combine multiple production steps in one machine
  • ✔ Very fast heating possible
  • ✔ Choice of different heating sources
  • ✔ Shorter cycle times and ready for the next cycle thanks to a well-thought-out and powerful air guide system for optimum air circulation in the cabinet
  • ✔ Program your production steps using the comfortable control panel and intuitive software
  • ✔ Large capacity: 2,500 to 25,000 liters (1 to 10 carts)
  • ✔ Hygienic design, optimally cleanable
  • ✔ High-quality #304 stainless steel
  • ✔Continuous monitoring of core temperature
  • ✔ Avoid contamination with our low risk/high risk setup
  • ✔ Durable insulated housing and door
  • ✔ No energy leaks thanks to the use of heat-resistant seals in all channels
  • ✔ Use of residual heat during cooking
  • ✔ Optimal heat transfer through proven air distribution
  • ✔ No tar and ash containing products when smoking with Liquid Smoke
  • ✔ Smooth-running door thanks to large hinges
  • ✔ Easy-Unlock Door Handle
  • ✔ Optimal reading height of the display and parameters
  • ✔ Optimal working height of the control buttons
  • ✔ Standard Hinged Inner Ceiling

Optional Features

  • Automatic cleaning possible (option)
  • Process tracing possible (optional)
  • direct steam injection for shorter heat-up time
  • grilling with rotating cart
  • cool shower to prevent overcooking
  • door lock to ensure the low-risk/high-risk process
  • automatic door opening
  • automatic cleaning system Dosatron®
  • automatic smoking unit for hot smoking with sawdust
  • automatic friction smoker
  • powerful moisture and extraction system to dry your products perfectly
  • emission-free hot and cold smoking with Liquid Smoke
  • process tracing
  • ramp
  • anti-slip floor


Model 7500 Smoking
Capacity 7500 liters