Daniels Food Equipment Model 100 HD Double Action Mixer

Daniels Food Equipment Model 100 HD Double Action Mixer



The Model 100 HD Double Action Mixer is for all your mixing and blending needs. The Model 100 HD double action mixer is set up with easy removable paddles to make cleaning a breeze. Forward and reverse mixing / blending with the the two paddle that rotate in opposite directions making sure that your product is fully integrated with the ingredients and spices. Hours and minutes displayed on a LED Timer. Many options are available such as a frame extension, variable speed, stainless steel lid, tube lid, funnel dump, mixer lift, and more.


  • Capacity 100 lbs
  • 1-1/2 hp motor
  • LED Timer Display in Hours and Minutes
  • Made in USA
  • Forward, Stop, And Reverse Motion
  • Safety Switches to Protect Operators
  • Drain Plug in Hopper for Easy Cleaning
  • Clear Hopper Lid so the Operator Can See the Product Being Blended


Model Model 100 HD
Hopper Capacity 100 lbs
Motor 1.5 HP
Voltage 230V/ 3PH/ 60Hz
Weight 360 lbs