Excel Packaging Model 60SS Lazy Susan Turntable

Excel Packaging Model 60SS Lazy Susan Turntable



The Model’s of Lazy Susan Turntables listed above are great stainless steel machines when you are trying to accumulate your product before additional packaging, labeling, inspecting or just holding the product until you are ready to unload.
The table is 60” in diameter and all come with the variable speed turntable and 0-12 rpms.
Optional hinged plexiglass cover can be added over the control panel to improve wash down conditions.



Model Model 36SS Model 48SS Model 60SS
Table DImensions 36" 48" 60"
Table Surface Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Table Lip 4" 4" 4"
Table Height 32-39" 32-39" 32-39"
Voltage Single Phase 110V/ 5amps 110V/ 5amps 110V/ 5amps
Weight 250 lbs 310 LBS 340 lbs