Xuclá Efficient Basic Model # 051142

Xuclá Efficient Basic Model # 051142



The Efficient basic hygienic entrance sterilizes the workers hands and the soles as they walk through the barrier. The chemical tank and electrical box are in a locked cabinet. The efficient basic is made for quick sterilizing needs to keep the workflow going. Perfect for any entrance to regulate and maintain healthy and clean work area.


  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Ceramic blasted ball finish
  • Double hands detection by infrared.
  • Spray by two sprinklers through electric pump
  • Spray adjustable
  • Locked cabinet for warehouse of chemical and electrical panel
  • Automatic barrier in both directions
  • Disinfectant pool capacity 7.5 gallons


Model # 051142 Efficient Basic
Machine Height 49"
Machine Length 36"
Machine Width 75"


  • Boot and Sole Washer