Ensight Dual Shaft Vacuum Blender

Ensight Dual Shaft Vacuum Blender



Dual Shaft Vacuum Blender is a remarkable design including a reinforced body and domed lid to ensure smooth operation, even when pulling a strong, powerful vacuum. The vacuum components on the Signature dual shaft vacuum blender are of the highest of quality and include a Busch Series Vacuum Pump, release valve, vacuum hose, silicone seals in upper lip of blender and a pressure gauge. See how the signature line of Vacuum Blenders can boost the ROI on your value-added process. The dual shaft vacuum blender series has the ability to vacuum blend loads from 150 lbs to 14,000 lbs.

Gain more versatility! Add the optional CO2 operation for a complete, all-in-one blender.


  • Stainless-Steel T-304 Construction
  • Busch Series RA Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum release valve
  • Ribbed vacuum hose
  • Vacuum pressure gauge
  • Reinforced formed tub frame
  • Reinforced domed lid
  • Silicone seal located in upper lip of blender
  • Top weld in safety grate
  • Double motor system complete with gearboxes
  • Heavy-duty chain and sprocket drive system
  • Drive system to have stainless steel cover with safety switch
  • Easy-to-access shaft seals
  • 3/8″ thick ribbon-style agitators
  • 3/8″ thick pipe shafts
  • Solid shaft ends
  • Heavy-duty pillow block bearings
  • Air-operated end discharge doors with silicone gaskets
  • Safety guard over discharge doors
  • Heavy-duty framework
  • Adjustable feet
  • Complete controls with Allen Bradley components
  • All continuous welds
  • Glass bead-blast finish

Optional Features

  • Polished tub interior
  • Paddle agitation system
  • Load cells
  • Steam or water jacketed
  • Split safety grate with interlock
  • Temperature probe with digital readout
  • Metal detectable silicone door gasket
  • Motor starter packages
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Complete touch screen controls
  • Various operating voltages