BackSaver Model GLT Giant Lifter Dumper

BackSaver Model GLT Giant Lifter Dumper



BackSaver GLT Giant Lifter Dumper
Backsaver has been a specialist in the manufacture of top-quality stainless-steel lifting, dumping and tipping machinery for the food industry since 1990. Backsaver machines are simple and easy-to-use solutions for process optimization resulting in healthy employees.
If you have product that needs to be dumped onto a table for sorting or packaging and currently your employees are bending over to scoop or shovel out the product from a bin or buggy, you need to call or email us for a quote.
Back injuries and soft muscle damage are some of the most costly injuries an employer can face because the healing time is so long and once injured, it’s easier to re-injure their back or soft muscle tissue again.

Backsaver is an offshoot of the van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal BV, a family business established in 1948 as a
specialist in stainless-steel custom work. For more than 40 years, we have accrued great experience in the manufacture of lifting and tipping machinery. In the early 1990s, having seen the huge demand for this kind of machinery, we established a separate brand called “Backsaver.”
The brand name “Backsaver” is entirely appropriate. After all, our machines may provide user-friendly solutions for process optimization, but they also prevent the risk of injury due to repeated bending and heavy lifting.
Bin, buggy, barrel and custom-made dumpers and tippers are available through the BackSaver product line.

Backsavers stainless-steel lifting, dumping and tipping machines are designed and manufactured with more than 40 years of experience in the Netherlands at our in-house design engineering and production facility.

Thanks to comprehensive customization, we can meet the requirements of any production facility.
Each Operating as a team, with a short line and optimal efficiency, we focus on customer service and
total satisfaction, so we’ll always think from your perspective. Our job is to provide quality solutions that
ensure immediate satisfaction with all of our bin, buggy and barrel dumpers and tipping machines.

RAM Manufacturing Equipment located in Corona, California, offers training, installation, service and parts for all the machines we sell. Including the BackSaver Model GLT Giant Lifter Dumper and many others. Call or visit us today for more information!

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  • Twin or triple hydraulic cylinder
  • Backup sound alarm
  • LED flashing beacon light
  • Plug-in (400 V) for stationary use


Model BackSaver GLT Giant Lifter/Dumper
Approx. Dumping Height 2,100 mm / 82.7" at 120 deg.
Tipping Angle: 0-120 deg.
Load Rating 1,100 kg / 2,300 lbs
IP Rating: IP56 (limited dust ingress; strong water jets, any direction)
Power Source 3-phase 400 VAC