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RA Maxwell and Associates “Rent-A-Tech” Service Program

So many of our clients tell us that they cannot find good, qualified, DEPENDABLE, service techs to work on their equipment OR they are a small company that cannot afford to hire a full time service tech.

RA Maxwell and Associates has our own service department to provide our clients with service for their equipment. We become YOUR service department.

Another option for service is to establish a good Preventative Maintenance (PM) program for all your equipment. PM programs have proven to be a great way to ensure your equipment runs to the manufactures specification and if there is a problem, you’re Service Tech will give you a heads up before it breaks. We know most equipment breakdowns happen during your peak production time, halting your production line and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in down time.

There are two types of service:

· Preventative maintenance (PM).

· Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual service suggested by the factory to keep the machine running according to manufacturer’s specifications.

· Ensure ALL SAFETY devices are functioning properly. A report is filled out for each machine on each visit and turned into the company assigned person to keep on file. If there is an accident on the machine, you will have a third party report showing the condition of the machine, including safeties.

· Your labor rate on standard PM without our service program will cost $85 per hour with a two hour minimum including drive time. With our yearly service agreement, your labor rate is only $65 per hour with a 2 hour minimum including drive time and *10% off parts.

· General and emergency repairs.

· General and emergency repairs are performed outside of the monthly scheduled PM.

· If the repair is handled during the monthly scheduled PM, the labor cost is the same $65 per hour.

· If our service tech gets called out for immediate service, the standard shop rate is $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum including drive time. With your service agreement, the price is only $85 per hour with 2 hour minimum PLUS parts.

Call the office or go to the Contact Page on our website to ask about more details.