Xuclá Model M34AVE Bin and Buggy Washer

Xuclá Model M34AVE Bin and Buggy Washer



Stop wasting water at your plant! Water is our most valuable commodity.

Processing plants are wasting thousands of gallons each week washing bins and buggies. Let us show you how to save on water usage, reduce labor time and increase the quality of your sanitation program with our Xucla Bin and Buggy Washer.

This bin and buggy washer is all stainless steel including the stainless steel nozzles. The bin and buggy washer can wash up to 3,000 lbs. capacity plastic bins, 2,000 lbs. capacity stainless steel tubs down to 400 and 600 lbs stainless steel buggies. Production rate is approximately 20-30 units per hour. We can also build a more compact unit if you have small size bins and buggy’s. Loading and unloading is a one person operation of the bin and buggy washer. The water temperature can be set as high as to 180 degrees C or 365 degrees F ensuring a maximum cleaning and sanitation with a minimal amount of water used. There are 3 cycles, prewash-wash-rinse cycle.


  • PREWASHING Prewashing with direct mains water.
  • Water feeding by Stainless Steel Neumátic angle seat valve of 3/4".
  • WASHING: Washing motor pump 20hp
  • Stainless Steel sprinklers
  • Motor pump lies within a stainless steel cabinet under the machine
  • Dispenser pump with a concentration control by time
  • RINSING Rinsing with direct main water
  • Water feeding by Stainless Steel Neumátic angle seat valve of 3/4"


Model M34AVE
Washing capacity 20-30 units per hour
Motor 20hp
Water tank 120 gallons
Voltage 230 V / 60Hz / 3Ph
Dimensions with open cabinet 185" L x 94" W x 86"H
Weight in Pounds 3550 lbs.


  • Bin and Buggy washer