Reepack Model Reeflow 250RT Automatic Flow Wrapper

Reepack Model Reeflow 250RT Automatic Flow Wrapper



MACHINE DESCRIPTION: The ReeFlow 250RT is characterized by: - Mounting device for max film width 650 mm with easy adjustable - Standard photocell “ No product No bag” - Longitudinal sealing station with two pairs of Teflon coated sealing wheels and one pair for the edge - Folding wheel for bottom sealed strip - Rotatory Motion system with Teflon coated jaws for transversal sealing and cutting that allows the speeding up of the packaging of the products and in particular, with film and materials which can join to the union, enables the fixing of the film due to the prolonged time of packaging - Product discharge through 800 mm automatic flat belt - PLC with Display 7" colored touch screen - Motorization with 3-axis servo drive + 2 asynchronous motors.

SUPPLY REQUIREMENT: Electrical data: 230V / 480V / 60HRZ / 3Ph; Media connection: Router;
USB Air pressure: 6 bar (about 85PSI) Note: All external supplies to the machine (such as electricity, air, gas, products etc…) will be performed by the Customer.
Standard Components & general design: - Pneumatics : Metal Work - Festo - SMC - Control : Siemens by Reepack - Operation panel : Touch screen - Machine frame : Stainless steel ASTM 304/316 - General design: According CE


  • Productivity: 150 packages per minute based on 3" x 5" x 2"H
  • Motors and Drives" 5-axis drive motor.
  • Infeed Conveyor: 3 meters for manual loading of the product.
  • Film Roller: Single Reel Mounting device for max. film width 650 mm (25" W)
  • Longitudinal Cut: Three couples of wheels for longitudinal dragging, sealing, and edge-folding D Sealing width 15 mm. 1 Included- KS-5 02 Motorized opening/closure of the wheels.
  • Product Discharge: Automatic 800 mm (30") flat belt for product dischage.