Xuclá Model #121298 Efficient Long with Boot Washer

Xuclá Model #121298 Efficient Long with Boot Washer



Hygienic entrance with Hands spraying, Barrier boots and Soles Brushing.
When the worker enters a time-lag photocell starts up the washing machine connecting the brushes and the water. The soles and boots are washed while the worker walks inside the boots washers and sole washers. At the exit, when the worker introduces the hands into the disinfection zone, a time-lag spraying of sterilizer liquid allows walking across the bar. It includes a locked cabinet containing the electrical box with place for chemical tank. On output, on one side, we have a stand to place a deposit 25l soap. used to wash the soles.
When the worker comes inside, a photocell temporized activates the brushers and water intake. The soles are cleaned while the worker walks through the interior of the soles washing machine.


  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Finished by projection of micro spheres ceramics.
  • Adjustable feet
  • Soles washers through two longitudinal nylon brushes
  • Motorized brushes by means of 2 motoreducers
  • Water pipes network, driven by electrovanne of 1/2"
  • Non-slip stainless steel at the entrance and exit
  • Time-lag detector for the beginning in both senses.
  • Covers and grates are easily detachable for cleaning
  • Hand sterilizing with barrier
  • Double hands detection by infrared.
  • Spray by two sprinklers through electric pump
  • Spray adjustable
  • Locked cabinet for warehouse of chemical and electrical panel
  • Automatic barrier in both directions


Model #121298 Efficient Long w/ boot washer
Machine Height 80"
Machine Length 134"
Machine Width 42"


  • Boot and Sole Washer