Reepack Model Reeform E10 Thermoforming Machine

Reepack Model Reeform E10 Thermoforming Machine



The Reepack Reeform E10 Thermoforming machine is made of all stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and sanitation is a working environment.

Thermoforming is a very popular method of packaging meat, poultry, bakery, snacks like jerky, soups and prepared foods. There are two types film used on thermoforming machines. The lower film is called the webbing film and the upper film is the lidding film. There are two types of film, flexible and ridged.

Thermoforming machines come in different sizes depending on the size of your packages.

A1) Power Supply

A2) Motors and Drives

B) In-Feed = Cut-Off length, Module length and Free loading area

C) Film waste collection System

D) Top and Bottom Film Reel Mounting

E) Forming Station

F) Sealing Station

EF) Die sets for Forming & Sealing stations

EF1) Forming Inserts

EF2) Sealing Plates and Gasket

G) Transversal Cut = Guillotine System with straight cut (ONLY for flexible film)

H) Longitudinal cutting device

R) Product discharge and related Items

Electrical data: 230V /3Ph/ 60Hz (Optional electrical for additional cost)

Media connection: Router

Air pressure: 6/10 bar - 600-2000 Nl/min

Inertgas: 6 bar


  • · All external supplies to the machine (such as electricity, air, gas, products etc…) will be performed by the Customer.
  • · Standard Components & general design · Pneumatics
  • · Metal Work - Festo
  • · SMC - Control
  • · Siemens by Reepack
  • · Operation panel : Touch screen
  • · Machine frame : Stainless steel ASTM 304/316
  • · General design: According CE


Model E10
Machine Cycle 4-8 cycles per min
Machine Dimensions L x W x H 145" x 40" x 68"
Product Loading Area 600, 700, 810mm
Power 8KW & 18KW
Voltage 230V / 60HZ / 3Ph
Weight in Pounds 2500 lbs
Compressed Air 6-10 bars


  • Reepack Reepack Model Reeform E10 Thermoforming Machine