Talsa Model # K200 Electronic Industrial Bowl Cutter

Talsa Model # K200 Electronic Industrial Bowl Cutter



Bowl cutters – choppers range in size from table top units to extremely large industrial bowl cutters – choppers and are one of the most versatile food processing machines. They are also called Buffalo Cutters or Buffalo Choppers.

They can be used to prepare meat products to become chopped or emulsified for use in a variety of sausage products, vegetables for different types of salsa, different nuts and dried fruits for humus, butters, fruit paste as well as cheeses for cream cheese. With a few adjustments prepare a large batch of scrambled eggs or turn surplus dried bread into croutons. Bowl cutters – choppers are the commercial and industrial version of the home food processor.

Options such as variable speed cutting blade motors and reversing blade motors (used to mix rather than cut product) as well a loading and unloading systems allow bowl cutters – choppers to be configured to meet a variety of commercial and industrial processing needs.


  • • Made of AISI304 stainless steel.
  • • Thick cast stainless steel bowl.
  • • Electronically variable, high knife speeds; 1000-4000 rpm. (Optional on all models)
  • • 2-3 independent motors. (Depending on the model)
  • • Standard forward and reverse, slow knife mixing speed. (Optional on 50 liter, standard on the others)
  • • 24 V, water resistant electrical unit.
  • • Automatic knife brake.
  • • Thermally protected, electric knife motor.
  • • Interchangeable 6 and 3 knife head with compensation rings.
  • • Digital thermometer.
  • • Motorized, opening and closing knife cover. (Included on 80, 120 and 200 liter cutter-choppers only
  • • Folding plastic anti-noise cover with CE automatic speed reduction when opened.
  • • Closed base.
  • • Easy cleaning.

Optional Features

  • variable speed cutting blade motors
  • reversing blade motors
  • a loading and unloading systems
  • Hydraulic loader/lift system for standard 200 liters trolleys and hydraulic unloading arm to empty to trolley. (recommended)
  • Option PP Power Plus extra-power: total 109 HP/80 kW.
  • Special form knives.
  • Additional 3 or 6 knife heads.
  • Cleaning and care trolley for 2 knife heads and 12 knives.


Model Model K200 Bowl Cutter
Approximate Size Bowl 54 gal / 200 lts
Approximate Bowl Batch Capacity 44- 350 lbs
Total HP 109 HP Variable
Knife Speed 1000-4000 Var
Forward and Reverse Mixing Speed Standard
Unload-er with Motorized Disk Included
Motor Voltage 460V 3Ph
Overall Dimensions L x D x H 118” x 98” x 77”
Machine Weight 7700 lbs